The colours of Australian sapphires

Brilliant Colour & Natural Beauty

The exquisite colours of our natural sapphires range from beautiful blues and serene greens to amazing yellows and our signature Celebration Sapphires™.   You can see the sky,  the land and the sea in every Capricorn Sapphire.

Australian Sapphires - Blue Sapphires, Yellow Sapphires, Green Sapphires and Parti Sapphires

Capricorn Blue Sapphires

Beautiful blues ranging from classic sapphire blues and royal blues to our intense midnight blues. Our natural, Australian blue sapphires are truly captivating.

Capricorn Yellow Sapphires

Exquisite sunshine yellows with awe inspiring light,  clarity and quality.

Capricorn Green Sapphires

Stunning and serene jewels including shades of leaf green, olive green and pine green.

Capricorn Celebration Sapphires

A true celebration of light and life combining two or more colours of yellow, green and blue. Each sapphire displays multiple colours working together to create a unique and remarkable jewel – a true masterpiece of nature.