The Capricorn Sapphire Promise

Guaranteed Authenticity, Origin & Supply

Capricorn Sapphire is involved in every step from mine to market, and can guarantee each sapphire’s origin and authenticity as every gemstone is sourced from our own Capricorn Mining Operation or through selected local partners in the Central Highlands of Queensland.  We have an abundance of exceptional quality sapphires. 

At Capricorn Sapphire, we are on a quest to ensure sapphire lovers the world over, know the true history of our renowned blue, yellow, green and Celebration Sapphires™. We invite you to join this quest by always asking for the origin of your precious sapphire. 

Capricorn Sapphire Mining Process

Responsibly Sourced

Richland Resources is the name behind Capricorn Sapphire. We have an excellent track record for delivering quality coloured gemstones to international markets. 

Every Capricorn Sapphire is produced ethically, and with consideration for the environment, our employees and the local community. 

Capricorn Sapphire

Capricorn Sapphires are guaranteed to have been safely and ethically mined and polished under the conventions of Australian Employment Law, the United Nations ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (1998), and has followed an ethical route to market.