The Capricorn Sapphire Mine is located in the Central Highlands district of Central Queensland, Australia. The mining licence covers around 1210 acres/490 hectares and an estimated *100 million carats of sapphire lie below the surface, making it one of the largest sapphires mines in the world. *JORC (2004)


Australian blue sapphire rough .jpg

The mine produces deep blue sapphires as well as exceptional “fancy sapphires” in rich yellow and many shades of green. These so called ‘fancy’ colors are some of the most exciting and rare colors that mother nature can provide and are the result of exposure to different natural chemicals during formation.

sapphire-rough-australian- yellow

There are also “parti-colored” sapphires that show combinations of two or more different colors. Each stone is unique, and the color of the stone can change when viewed from different angles. Those who purchase them do so for their individuality and personality. Our parti colored sapphires are unheated, and their color is entirely the result of natural processes.


The Capricorn Sapphire mine is open-pit, and no tunneling is required. We mine in phases, excavating small areas to expose the sapphires. We then refill each area, replacing the topsoil and vegetation as part of our environmental rehabilitation. We are proud to mine our sapphires  ethically, responsibly and transparently.

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